This book is out of control!

This book is out of control!, Richard Byrne, Oxford University Press, 2017


This naughty book has lost the plot! It's up to us to calm things down.

Tranche(s) d’âge

3-5 ANS


Appréciation du livre

This is an energetic book that is a lot of fun to read with a group of children. Each page has a different focus word that came be acted out, such as up, down, spin, siren. You can continue the fun by playing Simon Says with this vocabulary after the reading.

Réaction des enfants

Children love the silly goings on in this book! It definitely isn’t a quiet bedtime story, but it is lots of fun to read!


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Suggestion d'activité

Creating your very own remote control with one important difference; this one has the power to control the kids !

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