Sloth at the Zoom

Sloth at the Zoom, Helaine Becker & Orbie, Owlkids Books, 2018


Sloth is looking forward to a slow, sleepy stay at the Zzzzzoo, but a delivery mix-up sends her to the ZOOM instead. She tries to make friends, but the other animals are always in a hurry! When sloth finally finds someone who's more her speed, everyone stops to notice. Coup de cœur Manimot : Un paresseux au zooum

Tranche(s) d’âge

3-5 ANS


Appréciation du livre

This book is brilliant for talking about all the different animals you might find at a zoo and their characteristics. It offers a good learning opportunity for children to learn about sloths – an animal that that they may not already know much about.

Réaction des enfants

The children especially loved the fun illustrations.


Fiches de lecture

See how Bethany plans to read this book. Download Prep Sheet for Sloth at the zoom.

Download the blank form to plan your story telling.

Suggestion d'activité

During the story, we see some of the animals get up to their usual antics; the zebras gallop, the monkeys climb and screech, the parrots fly, the cheetah runs fast and the sloth sleeps !

Have a discussion with the children about what some other animals that they know of do. When you have a few ideas, practice acting them all out.

Activity – Sloth at the Zoom

Heure du conte Manimot

Announce the activity with the writable poster : Poster Sloth at the zoom or Affiche Un paresseux au zooum

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