Monsters New Undies

Monsters New Undies, Samantha Berger et Tad Carpenter, Scholastic, 2017


When Monster's undies fall apart he has no choice but to go shopping to find new ones. But this is no simple task... Coup de cœur Manimot : De nouvelles bobettes pour petit monstre!

Tranche(s) d’âge

3-5 ANS


Appréciation du livre

This amusing story is lots of fun to read aloud. There are plenty of examples of rhyme and interesting vocabulary throughout.

Réaction des enfants

Children love the amusing pictures and the upbeat rhythm of the rhymes keeps their interest all the way through.


Fiches de lecture

See how Bethany plans to read this book. Download Prep Sheet for Monster’s new undies

Download the blank form to plan your story telling.

Suggestion d'activité

After reading the story, invite the children to make their very own adorable little monsters, using their own handprints!

Activity – Monster’s New Undies!

Heure du conte Manimot

Announce the activity with the writable poster : Poster Monster’s new undies ou Affiche De nouvelles bobettes pour petit monstre.

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