I want a bedtime story!

I want a bedtime story!, Tony Ross, Anderson Press, 2016


Every night the King tells the Little Princess a story to help her fall asleep. But when he is away on royal business, no one can tell a bedtime story like her dad...so the Little Princess is NOT going to sleep! Coup de cœur Manimot : Je veux une histoire!

Tranche(s) d’âge

3-5 ANS


Appréciation du livre

A lovely story that teaches children about the joys of reading and using our imagination. It also introduces various professions that children may not have heard of (Admiral, General, Prime Minister) and so allows for a learning opportunity to talk about these professions and what they mean.

Réaction des enfants

Children love following hearing this cute story about the little princess who wants the best bedtime story. They love it when they find out that that story she actually wants is one that they all know really well – Goldilocks!


Fiches de lecture

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Suggestion d'activité

This activity is intended to help foster creative thinking, encourage a love of reading and promote self-confidence.

Activity – I Want a Bedtime Story!

Heure du conte Manimot

Announce the activity with the writable poster : Poster I want a bedtime story! or Affiche Je veux une histoire!

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