Adelaide’s Secret World

Adelaide’s Secret World, Elise Hurst, Alfred A. Knopf, 2015


With courage and creativity, Adelaide transforms her lonely life into a magical one...

Tranche(s) d’âge

3-5 ANS


Appréciation du livre

The illustrations in this book are absolutely beautiful. The story offers an opportunity for discussion with the children about loneliness – what does it mean, how does it feel and what can we do to help others whom we feel may be suffering from it.

Réaction des enfants

Children love the gorgeous illustrations which are so detailed that you can spend a long time discussing each page and what the children observe on it.


Fiches de lecture

See how Bethany plans to read this book. Download Prep Sheet for Adelaide’s secret world

Download the blank form to plan your story telling.

Suggestion d'activité

During the story we see how Adelaide uses both her imagination and her own experiences to create her own little miniature worlds. After reading this book with the children, allow them to do the same thing!

Activity – Adelaide’s Secret World

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